Dance One Couples Workshops


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Dance your way to a healthier and happier relationship. 

A couples’ workshop like no other!

Learn Latin dance basics and discover key biblical principles that will make your relationship stronger and more fun. 

Private Dance One sessions are also available. Contact us.

Meet the instructors

Brian & Rogeana King

Brian and Rogeana King have been married for over 11 years and are the vision holders of Two Small Fish Ministries. Brian is a bible teacher and media professional, who enjoys simplifying difficult spiritual concepts. Rogeana is a praise dancer, choreographer, and scriptwriter, who has overseen several dance and drama teams and productions.

Dance One Sessions

Session #1 - The Art of Leading and Following

In this foundational session, the mystery of Christ and the Church is used as a metaphor for marriage. Men are challenged to lead and love like Jesus, while the women enjoy the freedom of following in dance and in life. Hard questions about the nature of marriage in modern times are addressed. 

Dance Lesson: Bachata – Basic Steps

Session #2 - The Joy of Being Heard

This session outlines the importance of good verbal and non-verbal communication. We outline proven communication techniques that ensure each partner is heard and understood. Good communication is an important precursor to walking as one. 

Dance Lesson: Bachata – A Simple Routine

Session #3 - Moving as One

Agreement is the building block for everything we see around us. Nothing comes into existence or is established without some form of agreement. For your union to thrive, you both must walk in agreement. This session underscores the importance of shared values for building lasting relationships. 

Dance Lesson: Bachata – Putting It Together

Session #4 - Heart of Forgiveness

It is no secret that past and current traumas, whether physical or emotional can block your connection to your partner and even derail your entire relationship. This session highlights the necessity of forgiveness and grace in leading a healed and healthy life.

Dance Lesson: Salsa – Basic Steps

Session #5 - The Family That Plays Together

Openness, freedom and sheer joy can be found in allowing yourself to play like a child. It is an art we lose as we grow older. This session discusses the importance of playing together and not taking yourself too seriously. We are reminded that the only way to access the things of the kingdom is to accept them as a child would. 

Dance Lesson: Salsa – A Simple Routine

Session #6 - Naked and Unashamed

The final session deals with trust and exposes how shame can keep us from the very real connections that we all long for. As shameful things are hardly talked about, the power of shame in our lives can grow to become the silent motivator of our choices and the private prison that keeps us from true intimacy 

Dance Lesson: Pulling It All Together


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If you represent a church or group, and you would like to experience a Dance One Retreat, contact us today. Dance One is an entirely new approach to marriage and relationship ministry. We use the process of learning basic Latin Dance to explore deeper relationship dynamics that affect marriages.

Discover how the Dance One Retreat can enhance your relationship journey.

Private Dance One sessions are also available. Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dance One?

Dance One is a series of relationship discussions blended with beginners’ Latin Dance classes. Our relationship values are bible-based and geared towards building strong marriages that last.

Who is this event for?

The Dance One Workshop is designed for married or engaged couples and those seriously dating with marriage in mind. The workshop is equal parts relationship building and dance class.

What is included?

Each Dance One Retreat includes – Six dynamic workshop sessions, creative activities, and a Couples’ Guide with space for personal notes.

What Dances will be taught?

The Dance One workshop is a beginner’s Latin Dance class. We will teach salsa and Burchatta basics. The dance lessons are mainly a tool to explore deeper relationship dynamics. Dance instructions are intended for beginners and those with no dance experience at all.

Private Dance One sessions are also available. Contact us.

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